3 Natural “Caffeine-Free” Energy Boosters

3 Natural “Caffeine-Free” Energy Boosters

If you often find yourself fatigued and reaching for that second or third cup of coffee, keep reading!

We are going to break down three natural energy boosters you can use instead of relying on caffeine. These boosters work with your body, so you don’t experience that afternoon slump. As a bonus, they benefit your overall health so it’s a win-win.

B Vitamins

Supplementing with B vitamins is an excellent way to help promote energy levels without relying on caffeine. Many people who are chronically fatigued may find that they aren’t getting enough B vitamins from their diet. This is often the case for those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet. When you supplement with high-quality B vitamins, you may notice that you experience an increase in energy throughout the day. A reason for this is that B vitamins can help your body use the foods that you eat throughout the day. So, for an added boost, be sure to include some nutrient-dense foods into your diet like healthy fats such as avocados, nuts, seeds, and plenty of clean protein sources.

Another thing about supplementation is that it’s best to use one that is specifically designed for you.

Wheatgrass Shot

Although wheatgrass won’t give you the sudden burst of energy a cup of coffee might, it can help provide you with powerful vitamins and minerals to nourish your body and provide you with all-day energy. This is one of the greatest benefits of skipping caffeine and choosing natural energy boosters. Instead of dealing with the dreaded energy crash that often comes after drinking something caffeinated, you will be left with sustained energy while also nourishing your body.

Essential Oils

There are certain essential oils that are especially great for supporting energy levels. Citrus is especially helpful and can be mixed with water or carrier oil and added to your diffuser when you need a pick me up. Essential oils are easy-to-use either at home or at the office and are excellent alternatives to caffeine. You can also smell them from the bottle if you’re not allowed a diffuser at work, but still need a lift. One thing to note about essential oils, make sure you choose a high-quality pure grade oil; generally not the ones you find in pharmacies or health food stores.


Try ditching the caffeine for a week and giving these tips a try instead. You may feel rejuvenated by not having to rely on that daily cup of coffee, and you may even feel more calm and centered!


Written by: Rebecca Jacobs, a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant who specializes in women’s health, gut health, and food sensitivities.

Support Optimal Energy Levels

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