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Achieve Peak Performance: NFL Nutrition Coordinator and Human Performance Expert Shares His Top Tips

Jordan Mazur, RD has spent the last 6 years working with professional athletes to help them optimize their bodies to perform at the top of their game, everyday.

As one of Rootine’s clinical advisors, Jordan is sharing his key insights with the Rootine community; here are his top 5 tips for optimizing your daily performance:


1. Sleep

Make sleep a priority - sleep is the number 1 recovery tool and performance enhancer.  Aim to get 6-8 hours of high-quality sleep and look to practice good sleep hygiene to make sure you get restful sleep to perform the next day.

Sleep hygiene is the practice of developing good sleep habits.  According to the Sleep Foundation, strong sleep hygiene comes from creating an environment and daily routines that help you fall asleep faster and have more consistent, deep sleep. 

Examples of healthy sleep habits include creating a consistent sleep and wake schedule, avoiding disruptions like light and electronics prior to sleep, and creating a healthy daily routine paying close attention to alcohol and caffeine consumption and healthy nutrition.


2. Hydrate

Aim to get at least half your body weight in clean, high quality water to allow your body to run optimally.

Health articles often show that standard water recommendations apply for everyone: drink eight, eight oz glasses of water per day.  The problem: one-size-fits-all recommendations in health and wellness often do not work, as they do not consider body size, activity level, or biometric data.  

Jordan recommends planning daily water intake based on your individual body weight vs. using a simple standard recommendation.


 3. Fruits and Vegetables 

Nutrition is a key pillar of peak performance; without quality nutrition performance across all daily activities suffer, including physical performance.  Healthy nutrition starts at the source: the quality of the food you include in your diet.

 Consume clean, high quality fruits and vegetables at every meal - quality matters when it comes to produce and make sure you are getting all the nutrients and fiber needed to be an efficient running machine.


4.Quality Protein

Whether it's from poultry, red meat, fish, eggs, plant based options - look to get 1.8-2.0 grams of high quality and clean protein spread through the day to optimize protein synthesis.

Protein quality is determined by looking at the essential amino acid composition, digestibility, and the bioavailability of the amino acids of the specific protein source.  Some believe that animal proteins rank higher on the protein quality scale, but studies show that quality protein can be found in both animal and plant-based protein sources.


5. Supplement smart

Measure the biomarkers you need from the inside out with blood testing and stool testing to see what vitamins, minerals, and probiotics you might need to supplement with that you are falling short with in your diet or lifestyle.

One-size-fits-all supplement regimens do not address individual health concerns or health challenges. Without testing and continuous tracking, there is no way to determine what is going on inside your body and what changes you can make to better optimize your health.


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