Best Work-From-Home Tips, from a Full-Timer

Best Work-From-Home Tips, from a Full-Timer

My name is Tye and my role at Rootine is Head of Business Development. I’ve been working full-time from home for the past 7 years. I’ve found that the biggest hurdle is the lack of social engagement. I’d imagine this to be especially true when abruptly transitioning from a bustling work environment to your quiet home. Without colleagues stopping by your desk or supervisor checking in, your attention can wander and productivity plummets. Here are my top tips to optimize your WFH experience:

Tip 1: minimize distractions

Your natural tendency will be to sit on the couch and turn on the TV. Be wary of this attention-stealer and consider creating a dedicated work environment that resembles a place where work is done, not where you lounge on a lazy Sunday. 

Tip 2: embrace flexibility

Do you hit an afternoon slump in productivity? Love to exercise at midday? Most alert and creative in the early morning? Whatever your personal tendencies, leverage the flexibility provided by WFH and schedule your time so that you can be as happy and productive as possible.

Tip 3: reset when needed

Don’t stare at your computer blankly while struggling to maintain focus. If your concentration is slipping...stop! Go take a reset shower or go for a quick run. You’ll head back to your computer invigorated and ready to rock.

Tip 4: enjoy the freedom but maintain some normal habits

For the foreseeable future, you don’t have to commute or get business-dressed or even take showers (please, keep showering); however, that does not mean you should squander your time, throw schedule to the wind, and look like a bum. Keep mostly normal hours and maintain your morning routine.

Tip 5: don't waste this opportunity

ALERT! This is your chance to show your employer that you, your team, and your collective company can work remotely, with great success! If you can manage to be as productive (if not more productive) during this time, you can show legacy businesses that work flexibility is doable. Who knows, maybe next year you’ll have a WFH day each week or you may transition to full-time WFH.

Tip 6: be present

There is nothing more frustrating than the inability to get a quick response for an urgent question. Don’t be that WFH employee that is difficult to reach and responds to instant messages (i.e. slack) in hours, not minutes.

Tip 7: be concise

This is something I’m always trying to improve upon. WFH means a lot of instant messaging, which can be a difficult channel to convey complex ideas or asks. Learn to say exactly what you mean in as few words as possible.

Tip 8: set expectations [for managers]

Given the limited face-time interaction when employees WFH, set expectations for how often you communicate, and over what medium (e.g. hangouts, email, slack, etc.), and how they can contact you when a quick turnaround time is needed. Maintain consistent language to reinforce project urgency (ex: URGENT, Complete EOD, etc.).

Good luck and stay healthy!


Tye Jensen, Head of Business Development


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