My Rootine: Rachel Sanders, Rootine's CEO and Co-founder

My Rootine: Rachel Sanders, Rootine's CEO and Co-founder

Introducing My Rootine: a series highlighting how members of the Rootine community incorporate healthy living into their lives and what their daily routines look like. 

For International Women's Day, we are kicking off with an interview with Rachel Soper Sanders, CEO and Co-founder of Rootine.  As a new mom, she is navigating between being an entrepreneur building a fast-growing brand, taking care of a newborn, and staying happy and healthy all at the same time.  

Her answer: do what you can, try to set a good example, and give yourself a break when you need to. 

What her morning Rootine is:

I used to have a morning routine, then I became a new mom in January! So, everything has changed. Now, the first thing I do is make sure my daughter is happy, fed and changed and then I get started with my day, which begins with caffeine. I recently switched from a daily morning coffee to tea as a way to drop my caffeine intake and manage a newly sensitive stomach that I developed postpartum. I quickly get ready and eat breakfast (when I take my vitamins) before starting work. With a new baby there is not a lot of time for anything extra, though I am working towards finding a few minutes for quiet time to set intentions for the day. 

What she likes to eat to start her day:

I LOVE breakfast! I try to stick to something healthy and filling, like oatmeal and berries or boiled eggs and avocado during the week, but I will sometimes splurge on a pancake or two over the weekend. Making sure I have the right mix of nutrients is key for me, especially now that I am nursing. On the mornings where I have a smoothie or oats, I always mix in Rootine as a fun (and efficient) way to take my vitamins.

How she integrates exercise into her day:

Between building Rootine and taking care of a newborn, finding time to exercise is harder these days, but I know it is so important for my postpartum recovery, mental health, and overall well-being. For now, I try to sneak in time to walk my dog, get on the Peleton for 20 minutes, or even do squats and lunges while carrying the baby in a carrier or while I am on conference calls. Whenever I do find the time to exercise, I am much more energized, less stressed, and it's easier to take on the chaotic day ahead.

How her Rootine changes with travel:

I am currently only 8 weeks postpartum, so have not done a lot of travel recently, but traveled alot for both work and fun before baby. I try to stick to as many healthy habits as I can while also giving myself a break to either enjoy a vacation or be present in my work. At the very least, I will eat a healthy breakfast and try to find some way to move - whether that is at the hotel gym, strolling the city, or taking a hike. It also helps to make sure I have travel-friendly options, like daily vitamin packs, travel-size skin care, and packable workout gear. 

Other ways she incorporates wellness into her day:

I am really looking holistically on how to maintain my health to make sure I am setting a great example for my daughter early on. These days, that means finding ways to manage stress, enjoying work while balancing new life responsibilities, and incorporating easy changes into my day. One of those is drinking more water which helps keep up my milk supply, improve my skin, and support my postpartum recovery. I have a 1L water bottle and try to re-fill at least 3-4 times a day. Meal prepping a few meals a week has also encourage healthier eating, which is key as postpartum weight loss and lack of energy is real.  

What health trends she is excited about incorporating into her life:

Ever since developing health issues early in life, I have been very focused on ways that nutrition and natural remedies (non-medication) can support long-term health. Currently, I am looking at ways to incorporate more plant-based options into my diet. I am also really focusing on how my genetics play a role in the best types of food and nutrients for my body and making smart changes that will support my new, crazy lifestyle.