How Rootine Uses Biohacking to Optimize Your Health

How Rootine Uses Biohacking to Optimize Your Health

What is biohacking?

You may have heard the term “biohacking” floating around as a new way to improve human performance, but what exactly is it? Biohacking refers to the process of “hacking your biology” by using a trial-and-error method to improve your health and optimize your performance. What started as a trend in Silicon Valley has become a widespread method of experimentation as people look for new ways to improve energy levels, sleep, nutrition, productivity, and more.

Author and renowned biohacker Dave Asprey defines biohacking as changing “the environment outside of you and inside of you so you have full control of your biology, to allow you to upgrade your body, mind, and your life.” [1] 

Biohacking allows you to identify areas in your health that need work, develop strategies to improve those areas, and create a system to analyze if your methods worked or not. While it sounds simple, productive biohacking takes work. Biohackers must not only be willing to test their strategies, but also spend time evaluating trackable metrics to see if their health is improving. A main difference between effective biohacking techniques and just tracking is the analysis of the before and after to see if your method improved the area you were focused on improving.

Some examples of biohacking include, but are not limited to, intermittent fasting, an elimination diet with certain food, meditation, red light therapy, nootropics, and cryotherapy. Some things biohackers do to improve different areas of health include trying different strategies that promote weight loss, lower blood pressure, decreased stress levels, reduced risk of heart disease, and promote healthy brain function.

Rootine and biohacking

Rootine makes your biohacking journey simple by doing all the heavy lifting. We develop the algorithms, source the data, and deliver precise micronutrient formulas that you can then use to track on your digital dashboard and see if your nutrient levels, and overall energy and health, are improving. In fact, tracking is the only way to really make sure your formula is working and is optimized for your body. Even personalized formulas are mostly guesswork without tracking. On your Rootine journey, tracking is the key to understanding how your blood nutrient levels change and affect your overall health – and it is a major safety measure that eliminates the possibility of severely under or over dosing of a nutrient.

Below we explain how Rootine uses the biohacking framework to optimize your health and help you reach your peak performance.

Identify an area of improvement

If you feel low on energy, consistently suffer from brain fog, or fail to reach your peak productivity, you might consider reevaluating your nutrition, and more importantly, your micronutrient intake. Recognizing an area for improvement is an important first step to starting your biohacking journey. What next?

Develop a strategy

Here’s where Rootine does most of the biohacking work for you! By ingesting and analyzing your DNA, blood level, and lifestyle habit test results, Rootine develops a micronutrient formula that improves your nutrition, and ultimately helps you achieve optimal health through precision nutrition.

1) DNA

Nutrigenetics shows how certain variations in your DNA can affect how well your body absorbs, metabolizes, distributes, and excretes nutrients. These mutations impact the types and amounts of nutrients your body needs. Rootines analyzes 50+ variations and uses the data to create a micronutrient formula tailored to you.

2) Blood levels

Blood nutrient status has long been considered vital to recommending supplements and guiding dosages. Our team uses the latest in scientific research and clinical experience to combine thousands of data points that influence a recommended dosage for each member.

3) Lifestyle

Our questionnaire takes into account details like your age, size, weight, biological gender, activity level, dietary preferences, family, and more. While this quiz creates a solid baseline for determining your micronutrient needs, the DNA and blood status help complete your data set for what you need to better help you achieve your goals.

Create a system to track your progress

Rootine makes the most important part of biohacking simple. Your digital dashboard is your one stop shop for tracking your blood levels, seeing how your micronutrient dosages change over time, and discovering how your genetic mutations may impact your nutritional intake.

Rootine lets you easily track your progress while also learning facts about vitamins, minerals, and specialty compounds and letting you easily access your health data to make informed decisions.

Biohacking is for everyone

While many health professionals use biohacking to improve their own nutrition and health, biohacking can be done by anyone, especially when you have all the tools you need to easily track your progress and review your metrics for yourself. To biohack is to learn, and Rootine helps you discover important information about your body, nutrition, and unique needs.

Start your biohacking journey as a Rootine member today.