Rootine Partners with NFL Defensive Star Brian Burns

Rootine Partners with NFL Defensive Star Brian Burns

Rootine is excited to announce the partnership with NFL defensive standout Brian Burns!

As a high-performing professional athlete, Burns knows the importance of taking care of his body and making sure he gets all the nutrients he needs to be successful on and off the field. His rigorous training schedule demands a lot physically and mentally - and Burns needs to have both the mental acuity and physical prowess to meet the demands of his athletic career.

Burns is entering his third year in the league. With that experience comes the ability to better understand and read his body. He is fully aware of what it needs to function at its apex and knows what it takes to play at his optimal level on the field and fuel his body, like the machine it is, off the field.

Burns embodies everything Rootine stands for: health, discipline, motivation, and peak performance. Learn more about him below!

 As we enter a new era of human performance, we look forward to bringing personalized nutrition to the forefront of the intersection between health, technology, and sports with this pivotal partnership.


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