Rootine Announces $3M Seed Round to Optimize Health With Precision Nutrition

Rootine Announces $3M Seed Round to Optimize Health With Precision Nutrition

Written by: Rootine Co-founder and CEO, Rachel Soper Sanders

In 2018 we founded a company aimed at improving health outcomes and, today, we are thrilled to announce our $3 million seed round along with our continued commitment to helping our members achieve optimal health with precision nutrition.

Research indicates that up to 90% of the U.S. has a lack of adequate daily vitamin and mineral intake, which results in micronutrient deficiencies that can have a significant impact on fatigue, mood, stress, sleep, and many chronic diseases. Inadequate nutrition is also the number one cause of illness in the United States and nutritional deficiencies can be linked to 700,000 deaths each year.

While many try to “cure” these deficiencies and health concerns through one-size-fits-all supplements and nutrition plans, we are building advanced technology and personalized solutions designed to optimize health and human performance. Today, Rootine members gain access to at-home testing and health data analytics, actionable insights, precision-personalized micronutrients, and digital health tracking on their member dashboard.

As a female led and male-female founded team we are committed to democratizing health data for all. We further this commitment this round, bringing on a diverse set of investors with ~50% being underrepresented (women, BIPOC, and/or Latino).

We are excited to work with this incredible group of investors which includes Novogenia GMBH, DSM Venturing, Duro VC, Launch TN Impact Fund, Cleo Capital and 20+ Angels including founders, executives, and clinicians from Eight Sleep, Havenly, Eterneva, Facebook, SoFI, Notion and more. 

This funding not only gives us the resources to continue improving the Rootine member experience, reach more people, and expand our team, but also demonstrates the shared belief across the investor community that we are entering a new era of human performance with precision nutrition as a key aspect of achieving optimal health.

The round follows a period of significant growth for the company and unlocks a number of opportunities. Over the next few months we will be:

  • investing in product and software development;
  • expanding our team across engineering, marketing, and customer experience; and
  • announcing several exciting partnerships.

We are excited to continue working towards our mission of empowering individuals to optimize health and daily performance by leveraging data. Thank you to our dedicated community for being an integral part of Rootine. We can't wait to build the future of precision nutrition together!

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Why Our Investors Are Excited:

"As a founder building in the health and wellness space, I believe that the future of the space lies in personalization. Rootine is giving consumers just that, with an opportunity to take control of their cellular nutrition through data-driven solutions, all while positioning the company at the forefront of the precision nutrition category. I’m thrilled to join as an investor."

—  Alexandra Zatarain, Co-Founder, VP of Brand & Marketing at Eight Sleep

"People use data throughout our lives to make better decisions on everything from business strategy to personal finance. Even so, people are still making many important health decisions based on one-size-fits-all protocols and recommendations. Rootine is making critical health data more widely accessible and is also moving the industry forward by leveraging data, science, and personalized technology to improve health outcomes on an individual level. I am so excited to invest and advise the all-star team that Rachel and Daniel have brought together."

—  Libby Leffler, President NorCal at Compass

"We strongly believe that personalized medicine is the future, especially in areas such as oncology and nutrition. Health solutions that utilize personal data and create tighter positive feedback loops will revolutionize health care, and Rootine is a leader of this trend within the nutrition market. Rootine has created true differentiation by coupling an innovative micronutrient format with a personalized data focus, and their first-mover approach has led to significant growth."

— Dan Hightower, Partner at Duro VC


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