What is Cellular Nutrition?

What is Cellular Nutrition?

Cellular Nutrition?

Cellular nutrition is a critical component of health and longevity. Creating optimal cellular nutrition is the foundation that allows you to improve your health in both the short and long term. Everything related to our health begins at the foundation of the human body - our cells. Cellular nutrition can be described as the process of making sure our body's cells receive the nutrients they need so they can perform all of their major functions to help you achieve optimal health at the cellular level.

Cells are the building blocks of your body

They perform every basic function of life including: creating energy, eliminating toxins, providing structure to the body, and keeping your body healthy. There are more than 37 trillion cells in the human body, and each plays its own part in performing the essential functions to keep us in good health; from reducing stress, to supporting our metabolism and making sure we get the nutrients we need from foods or supplements.

How cells function

To perform these functions properly, cells need macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates, protein), micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, and other trace compounds), and water for hydration. They need these inputs to perform vital processes to detoxify harmful compounds, neutralize free radicals, communicate with other cells, and respond to the body’s needs. 

However, not all cells function correctly. Some fail to perform at their full potential. Collectively, this impacts every aspect of your body and self.

A variety of factors influence the function of a cell:

  • Genetic variations can alter the structure of key cellular components;
  • Lifestyle habits can create harmful cellular environments; and/or
  • Blood micronutrient levels can be sub-optimal. 

Optimal cellular nutrition addresses each of these factors and provides the ideal amount of micronutrients and macronutrients which enables your cells to efficiently perform their vital functions. Your body can create more energy, detoxify correctly, recover faster, think clearer, and maintain a higher level of health.

Optimally functioning cells directly translates to a healthier, more efficient, and better feeling you - in every way.

Key Things to Note on Cellular Nutrition

Optimal cellular nutrition is personal. 

Each cell and each person is unique. In order to understand what your cells need to function at their highest level, first we must identify your unique cellular needs through testing and data analysis. The Rootine process tests, analyzes, and builds a plan specifically for your unique needs based on your genetic, biological, and lifestyle data.

Biomarker testing is critical.

Clinically-validated biomarkers (personal health data points) deliver data on cellular nutrition including: lifestyle habits (along with age, weight, and biological sex), DNA data, and blood micronutrient levels. These biomarkers are the basis for understanding what your cells truly need. Without this data you (or anyone) are just guessing.

Cellular nutrition can be optimized. 

Your body is dynamic and your needs can change. Improvements in cellular nutrition happens over time from changes to your overall lifestyle, diet, and supplement intake. Rootine helps you create a baseline and reassesses your needs to continuously improve your health.

Your data empowers you.

By analyzing your personal health data, you have the power to make informed decisions about your health and cellular nutrition status. Rootine, through AI and scientific and clinical expertise, enables you to use your data to learn key insights that support your health and help you understand your body and your unique nutrition needs.

About Rootine

Rootine unlocks better health and daily performance with precision nutrition. Rootine's first product focuses on optimizing cellular nutrition through a precision-personalized daily micronutrient membership and a unique digital experience where members can track and improve health. Rootine is differentiated in its test-take-track process, unmatched data and insights, and unique delivery in the form of microbeads. Rootine is helping thousands of members improve their health, from professional athletes like Brian Burns to high-growth startup founders, like Josh and Mike at Levels. 

Your cells are built by your genes. Your blood is the environment your cells are in. Your lifestyle determines what you need your cells to do. Rootine analyzes all of these core data points to determine the exact micronutrients your cells need to create your most powerful self, and delivers convenient solutions directly to your door.

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