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Vitamins and supplements are important to overall health, but they need to be at optimal levels tailored to your specific biological needs. It can be hard to figure out which vitamin(s) will be best for you when there are so many different forms and requirements for each. A lot of different nutrients are needed by your body based on its weight, biological sex, age, etc.

Micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, and specialty compounds) play a major role in your health and in many biological processes. Micronutrients can be divided into five categories: water-soluble, fat-soluble, microminerals, trace minerals, and specialty compounds. Each of these has different functions, and the way they work best together is unique to every individual and his or her health.

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Why a vitamin quiz can be helpful

There are too many vitamins and supplements that aren't researched or labeled for personalized usage. There is an overload of resources and advice in the supplement industry, making it difficult for consumers to know what's best for their cellular nutrition.

Some supplements have side effects and may even be harmful if taken in large quantities. Supplements are a commonly sold product in the market and people tend to choose recommendations which are safe and easily absorbable.

However, it is still important to know which micronutrients have been proven effective and which ones might not be worth the extra cost. Naturally, your body absorbs various vitamins and minerals more effectively at different stages in your life, depending on its needs.

Many people are taking unnecessary supplements and getting products that aren't good for their health in the long run. A quiz can be a start in helping you determine which vitamins and supplements you actually need to support a healthy lifestyle.

Types of quizzes

There are many types of quizzes that can help you determine which vitamins and supplements are best for you depending on a range of factors, including diet, sleep, and fitness. These questions are important because they help you figure out which vitamin will best help you accomplish your goals and support your lifestyle.

For example, if you take quizzes designed to figure out which vitamin will best help boost your immunity, you could discover that the best vitamin for improving immune system might not be one that says it will improve your energy levels - which would be surprising since energy is an important factor in living well. A good quiz will ask personal questions and provide recommendations based on your answers.

What quizzes ask for

Most industry quizzes look at your lifestyle habits and routines, including any diets, exercise schedules, habits, allergies, and goals. They ask you questions about how much of a specific food group you eat, as well as how often you exercise and what your health habits are.

Other quizzes will dive into more general lifestyle information, such as where you live, your overarching goals, and your preferred form of vitamin.

There are also quizzes to determine which form of pill is best for you, whether gummies, tablets, or softgels, based on your preferences.

Others yet look at your blood data in addition to your lifestyle goals to create a supplement action plan.

Companies then use this information to prepare a vitamin pack that they say will be unique to you – but are they a comprehensive fit tailored to your biological and genetic health needs?

What quizzes can miss: biological data

While lifestyle information is important for general information, it usually lacks the specific details unique to you that will create a truly precision personalized daily micronutrient pack. Everyone's body is unique and requires a different blend of nutrients and supplements in order to function properly.

We all lead unique lives and have different goals, leading to our bodies varying in how well certain nutrients can be absorbed into our systems. This means that as we age, certain nutrients may not be as effective or will only be effective at certain points in our lives.

To know what will truly work for you, you must look inside your body and dive in at a cellular level by looking at your DNA and blood test result.

Rootine looks at not just your lifestyle and health information, but also your DNA results and blood status to create a completely unique and personalized pack tailored to your needs.

Why health data beyond a lifestyle quiz really matters


Rootine's 19-question lifestyle and health habit analysis gives us information about your age, weight, biological sex, activity level, dietary preferences, energy levels, and more. This data is used directionally to create your baseline range for each nutrient.


The science of nutrigenetics details how variations in your genes can alter how your body interacts with nutrients. Common variations in your genetic code impact how you absorb, distribute, metabolize, and excrete key vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional substances. These variations are called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and alter the way the gene product is built.

Among many examples, 11% of the population has a variation in their VDR gene, which creates the vitamin D Receptor. This variation results in less efficient binding between Vitamin D and the receptor, resulting in carriers of this to need twice as much vitamin D.

In another example, 85% of the population have variations in their MTHFR gene, which creates the enzyme that activates folate. Carriers need pre-activated folate.


Blood nutrient levels are a key component of understanding current micronutrient deficiencies and guiding supplement and nutrition dosing. Rootine looks at how your blood tests reflect changes, or lack of positive changes, to determine if the dose needs further increase, decrease, or is at the ideal amount.

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Though it may seem like a simple task, taking the time to research and learn about vitamins can really pay off in the long run. And that's because even small changes in your diet can have huge impacts on your overall health and nutrition. If you don't meet your body's needs, you're going to experience a host of negative side effects.

About Rootine

Rootine creates daily vitamin packs utilizing microbeads that are customized to your biology, lifestyle and goals. A team of clinicians and medical experts built Rootine from the ground up to give you the best supply of precision personalized micronutrients in a unique delivery format: microbeads. Each daily micronutrient pack contains the right micronutrients for you so that you can be sure it's not missing anything crucial to your biology.

As a Rootine member you get personalized cellular nutrition, without the guesswork and Rootine's personalized vitamin packs are delivered to your door with free shipping. To shop, visit the site and subscribe to our newsletter to gain access to exclusive content and product updates. You can also take a free nutrition and lifestyle quiz to gain interesting health insight.

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