Liquid Vitamins vs Pills vs Powders vs Microbeads - Which is Best?

Liquid Vitamins vs Pills vs Powders vs Microbeads - Which is Best?

Do you find yourself in the vitamin aisle or searching online for the best vitamins for you, only to find countless options and no idea which type is the best option for you?

In this article we look at all the many forms of vitamins - premanufactured pills, vitamins in liquid form, powder vitamins, and vitamin microbeads - to help you determine which form is better for you.

Pre-Manufactured Pills

Pre-manufactured pills are a simple and easy way for a brand to offer a customizable product, which is why many companies have taken this approach. However, pre-manufactured pills have severe limitations for the customers.

No Ability to Custom Dose or Custom Mix Nutrients

Large pills made up of multiple nutrients or a single dose of one nutrient do not allow for flexibility in dosing from person to person. This inflexibility means that even though individuals have very unique nutrient needs, those differences not able to be addressed.

Companies using pre-made pills are unable to change the dose or the mix of the nutrients even if they know an individual should be taking more or less than what the pill (s) contain.

Liquid Vitamins

The benefit to liquid supplements and vitamins is that they are relatively easy to personalize by adding different dosages of a variety of nutrients to create a custom mix, significantly more so than pre-manufactured pills. However, when it comes to the quality and the taste, there are certain drawbacks.

Vitamins and Minerals Do Not Mix Well

Vitamins and minerals do not mix well, especially when they are dissolved in liquid. Vitamins will react with minerals and quickly breakdown, decreasing the dose and effectiveness of the vitamins. Due to the breakdown, liquid vitamins have a higher likelihood of bacteria getting in and thereby further decreasing the shelf life of the vitamins.

They Taste Terrible

Nutrients do not taste good, and when they are dissolved in water, this unpleasant taste is amplified.

The Risk of Non-Absorption

When mixed together in one liquid vitamin, nutrients can block each other, meaning worse absorption rates for the body. For example, calcium and zinc use the same absorption channels and if they are both dissolved in liquid there is normally a higher amount of calcium, which would block zinc from absorbing.

Vitamin Powders

The benefit to personalized vitamin powders is that they are relatively easy to produce, though it is much more complicated to get them right vs. liquid vitamin, plus they have a number of drawbacks for the person taking the vitamins.

Keeping The Dose Consistent

Powders are made up of many nutrient molecules - both large and small. The smaller molecules tend to collect towards the bottom of a powder mixture, making it very hard to get a consistent dosage of the same vitamins and minerals every time.

Absorption Problems

Powder vitamins encountered a similar problem to liquid vitamins: vitamins and minerals taken together can block each other's absorption and affect the absorption rate of nutrients into the bloodstream.


When mixed with water, powders may taste slightly better than liquid vitamins, but typically still have an unpleasant flavor to them without added flavoring.


Microbeads are a new form of vitamin that has been developed by Rootine’s team of top scientists and medical experts over the past 3+ years. Microbeads solve many of the problems that other forms of vitamins create.  

100% Personalization

Microbeads are made up of specific dosages of specific nutrients that can be mixed and matched to the exact needs of each individual.

Unlike pre-manufactured pills, microbead packs can be tailored to include the exact nutrients an individual needs at the exact dose.

Protecting The Quality of The Nutrients

Microbeads themselves are very dense and protect the nutrients inside from UV rays and from oxygen, two things that can breakdown nutrients and harm their quality.

Placing different nutrients in different microbeads also allows nutrients to be mixed together without being in physical contact with each other. This means that they cannot react with each other and breakdown like they would in a liquid or a powder form.

Improve Absorption

Microbeads have slow release technology, meaning they release small amounts of nutrients over 12+ hours which is a better way to absorb nutrients because it more closely mimics a daily eating schedule.

Certain vitamins cannot be stored by the body, so slow release is key. Otherwise, if you supply nutrients all at once, you will overdose for a short period of time and then have a deficiency for a longer period of time during the day.

Storing nutrients in individual microbeads vs. delivering them all together, also means that nutrients will not block each other’s absorption as they can in a liquid or powder form.

Give Microbeads a Try

We offer the unique opportunity for you to create a custom vitamin just for you and your individual needs to help support your nutrient reserves best! When choosing between capsules, liquids, powders, or microbeads, remember to take into account your individual data. Rootine takes a look at your DNA, blood levels, and lifestyle habits to create a product 100% personalized to your body and your goals.

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