Ashley Zumwalt-Forbes at Black Mountain Metals

Ashley Zumwalt-Forbes at Black Mountain Metals

Introducing My Rootine: a series highlighting how members of the Rootine community incorporate healthy living into their daily routines.  And today we are bringing you a working from home (WFH) edition.

Ashley Zumwalt-Forbes became an international mining executive before her 30th birthday and was recently named to Forbes 30 under 30.  As Black Mountain Metals Co-founder and President , she is constantly on-the-go and looking for quick and efficient ways to stay healthy.  

Her answer:  Sleep and stick to a routine as much as possible even when flying around the world every week.

WFH Tip:  Stick to your typical schedule as much as possible.

What her morning Rootine is:

In an ideal world, I am waking up at 5AM, working out at 5:30AM, showering, responding to emails before getting ready, and then off to the office. I find it really nice to try to get organized and know what my day will entail before getting to the office. I manage 24 hour operations, so oftentimes things pop up overnight that I wasn’t aware of when I went to sleep.

What she likes to eat to start her day:

I usually have a protein shake with cold brew, almond milk, a banana, spinach, and a scoop of chocolate Vega One powder. As a serious coffee drinker, I love it!

How she integrates exercise into her day:

If I work out, it is early in the morning before my day gets started. I target working out 3-4 times per week and alternate between spinning on my Peloton and doing weight training in classes like F45, Barry’s, or Orange Theory (depending on which part of the world I am in). Additionally, I love to walk to and from my office to gear up and decompress from my day.

How her Rootine changes with travel:

I constantly travel. As a rule, I split my time 50% Fort Worth, TX office and 50% Perth, Australia office. Additionally, I have one-off trips to visit our operations, speak with investors, or attend conferences. In 1Q 2020, I flew 110,000 miles. Inevitably, travel is disruptive to your fitness schedule. My number one rule is to try to get some sleep, no matter how messed up my internal clock is. My next rule for adjusting to jetlag is to ensure I get a workout in. The Peloton app has made it much easier for me to squeeze in workouts in my hotel room. I also find it tough to find healthy food while I’m traveling – room service often doesn’t have a good healthy option, so I rely quite a bit on a grocery run at the beginning of my trip where I can eat my supplies throughout the stay.

Two people that inspire her routine:

I love both Kate Upton and Camille Kostek.

Her philosophy on staying healthy:

I do the best I can. Sometimes fitness wins and I can get a workout in and eat healthy and sometimes I just need to take a deep breath and not be too hard on myself for going off the rails for a day. I listen to my body and try to do what it is telling me that I should. I think we should all be a little kinder to ourselves and that would go a long way to finding balance.

How she is keeping up her routine while working from home: 

A schedule is everything while WFH. I still get up at my normal time and try to follow my normal morning routine (ex-makeup and putting on real pants). Sticking with my workouts while WFH is going much better than when I am constantly traveling: my Peloton has been a complete lifesaver. I will say that my snacking has gotten completely out of control with my proximity to the pantry, but, again, one battle at a time.

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