Updates To The Rootine Nutrient Suite

Updates To The Rootine Nutrient Suite

We're a company that exclusively uses research-backed nutrients and our lab creates our innovative slow-release microbeads in-house. This rigorous process can make it tricky to add new nutrients (or improve nutrient forms) to our available suite - the nutrients need to meet our research criteria and it takes months to develop and test a new microbead.

To account for this, we're working overtime behind the scenes. We are pleased to announce the following improvements, available now (2/26/20):

Iron ➡️ new form

Introducing iron bisglycinate. You may notice these microbeads in your packs due to their black color. This form of iron has been reacted with the amino acid glycine and is considered to be one of the best absorbed forms of iron, which decreases common GI side effects (nausea, vomiting, , diarrhea, constipation, and dark-colored stools) of conventional iron supplements.*

In a double-blind clinical study, iron bisglycinate produced less gas, bloating, and nausea than iron sulfate. See study here.

Zinc ➡️ new form

Introducing zinc bisglycinate. In a similar fashion to iron (see above), the chelation of the zinc mineral to the glycine amino acid enhances absorption.

In a randomized cross-over study, zinc bisglycinate demonstrated safety, tolerability, and enhance oral bioavailability (+43.4%) compared to zinc gluconate. See study here.

Phytosterols ➡️ new source

Introducing phytosterols from pine. Most phytosterol preparations are derived from soy. By switching to a pine source, our phytosterols are now hypoallergenic.

Hypoallergenic Nutrients

With the change of phytosterol source (see above), our entire suite of nutrients is now hypoallergenic. We are continuously working to make our available vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients - as well as our finalized product - as inclusive as possible and accommodate for personal preferences and health conditions.

Nearly Vegan

Vitamin D3 and beeswax (used to coat the microbeads) are the only ingredients of non-vegan origin. 


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